Here's What It Would Look Like If Kids Planned The Family Vacations

The little trip planners might actually surprise you.

In a recent ad, JetBlue imagined a world where kids plan the family vacations ― and not a single one mentioned Disney World.

Acknowledging their parents’ hard work, the little vacation planners really went out of their way to plan a trip their parents would actually enjoy. One child decided to take his mom and dad to Albany “because it’s the capital of famous New York,” while another chose the Dominican Republic (which he swiftly changed to North Carolina, naturally).

The best part? For the ad campaign, which encourages parents to utilize more of their vacation days, JetBlue let the kids pay whatever they wanted for their dream family trips.

“For the first time ever, the purchase decision was in their little hands. And yes, the vacations they purchased were real!” said Elizabeth Windram, JetBlue’s director of brand and advertising. “We let the kids bring whatever what in their piggy banks to purchase the vacation. From crumpled dollar bills to pennies, arcade tokens, pocket lint, even an entire piggy bank! ― you name it ― were all fair game to show that a quality family vacation is truly priceless.”