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Here's What Kids Really Think About American Girl's Boy Doll

"Every toy in the world is for boys and girls."

In February, American Girl announced it would release its first boy doll, Logan Everett, in a matter of days. It’s been a couple weeks since Logan has been available (though he is currently on backorder until the end of March). Here’s what kids really think about him.

In one of its “Kids React” videos posted on Tuesday, Fine Brothers Entertainment asked a handful of kids their thoughts on American Girl’s first boy doll and had one for the kids to check out. Some of the kids were immediately confused by the idea, some were surprised and some were totally into it.

“Are we making history today?” 13-year-old Morgan asked.

After some of the kids mentioned “boys don’t like dolls,” the hosts asked them why they thought a gender divide existed in the toy industry, and many of them didn’t have an answer.

“I don’t really know why,” 8-year-old Max said. “Just brands are like that. It’s weird.”

Luckily, moves like this from American Girl are helping squash this gender divide. Kids like 8-year-old Lucas are helping, too.

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