Here's What Melissa Rivers Plans To Do With Joan's Legendary Joke Catalog

The comedy icon's holy grail is about to find a new home.

In the riveting 2010 documentary "Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work," the film's namesake comedy legend shows off the physical embodiment of her life's work: an enormous filing cabinet that contains every joke she'd ever written, neatly catalogued on index cards and sorted alphabetically by topic. Now, one year after Rivers's death and two months after her palatial Manhattan apartment was sold for $28 million, that treasure trove of stand-up history is looking for a new home.

During a conversation with HuffPost Live on Thursday about the return of her E! series "Fashion Police," Rivers's daughter Melissa Rivers told host Caitlyn Becker she's in conversation with "a number of different institutions that would like them," including the Smithsonian. Watch Rivers discuss her plans for the catalog -- and her biggest fear about passing it on -- in the video above, and catch her full HuffPost Live conversation here

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