Here's What Real Stepkids Think About Their Stepparents

These stepparents showed up in a big way. 👏

Stepparents don't often get enough credit for raising their stepkids; the truth is, many of them are just as committed to their sons and daughters as bio-parents.

Below, 12 stepkids on Whisper -- an app that lets users anonymously share their thoughts -- sing the praises of the stepparents who helped raise them.

I love when my stepmother tells other people I
I love when people say we look like my dad. It
My stepmom is the sweetest person ever. I love her so much and I
My step mom is the coolest ever. I am so glad that she married my dad. Shecan
Every Sunday my step dad and I make pancakes. It
Today my step mom and I were fighting. She got really upset and said, "I
Ever since my stepmom moved in my house has actually felt like a real home.Her natural presence is such a comfort and it means so much.
People don
My stepmother is the only person in my family I trust enough to tell I
My stepdad is the most amazing human I
My stepdad told me that he could walk me down the aisle. I was secretlyalready planning to ask him. I couldn
I love that my stepdad has always encouraged me to be the best version ofmyself. I

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