Here’s What Rom Coms Would Be Like If They Treated Women Like Humans

Joe Fox (F-O-X) isn’t so charming after all 🙅

The (open) secret’s out: romantic comedies are often actually really, really sexist.

From male protagonists who stalk and control women women (think Christian Grey and Edward Cullen), to female protagonists who are expected to “improve themselves” for a leading man, “chick flicks” have never been particularly progressive. (Though they can be a whole lot of fun to watch.)

But now, thanks to an MTV video reboot, favorite romantic movies have gotten a feminist makeover with hilarious results: Bella calls out “100-year-old pedophile” Edward Cullen for watching her sleep, the boys of “Grease” and “Sixteen Candles” call each other out on perpetuating rape culture, and it turns out that “Knocked Up” only needed to be about 30-seconds long.

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