Here's What Snooki Said When Her Kids Asked About The 'Lines' On Her Stomach

"They thought it was so cool and can't believe how they fit in my belly."

When her kids asked why she had “lines” on her stomach, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from “Jersey Shore” took the opportunity to teach them about postpartum bodies and body positivity.

On Monday, the mom of two posted a photo on Instagram that shows her kids, Lorenzo and Giovanna, looking at her stomach. In the caption, she wrote that they asked where her “lines” came from, and she had an awesome response.

“I had to explain to them that it’s my tiger stripes I gained when I became their mommy,” she wrote.

Polizzi also wrote that both kids couldn’t believe how “they fit in [her] belly.”

The proud mom is no stranger to sharing pics of her kids on social media and writing about her life as a mom. In December, she summed up something many parents encounter during the holidays with a photo of her daughter pretty much losing her mind on Santa’s lap.

"Sissy stop embarrassing me in front of the big man. " 🎅🏽

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In September, Polizzi spoke to Bustle about how motherhood has affected her. In the interview, she described the highs and lows of being a parent and the love she has for her kids.

“The hardest part of motherhood is no sleep, toddlers running your life and getting hit in the face 24/7,” says the 28-year-old mother of two. “The easiest part of motherhood is the love you share with your kids because the hugs can be endless!”

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