The Hangover Kit That'll Help You Look Like A Human Again

We've been there, friends, and these are our lifesavers.

Let’s be real: We’ve all woken up with cracked lips, red eyes and blotchy faces that come after a night of drinking.

Alcohol is our eternal friend and foe.

So, what do you do when you have to face the world when you’re hungover and look every bit of it? Well, we’ve found the beauty recipe you need.

1. For saying “buh-bye” to dark circles and puffiness

Patchology’s FlashPatch Eye Gels ($50) are no joke. Throw one under each eye, keep it there for 5 to 10 minutes, and watch your face go from haggard to smooth and bright. These gels have a caffeine and collagen cocktail to combat inflammation and boost circulation. You get 30 gels in each of these tubs, which amounts to roughly $3.33 per application. Not a bad deal.

2. For when your eyes need a midday boost

So, the eye gels are fab for getting yourself going, but what if you have a 15-hour day ahead of you? A great throw-in-your-bag touch-up stick is the Boscia
Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm ($26). The little blue balm twists up like Elmer’s glue and delivers instant coolness to your eyes. What’s even better is that it blends perfectly over makeup. No need to reapply concealer after you soothe. Win!

3. For when you need to brighten your eyes

Your secret weapon for perfecting brows, eyes, and lips!

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A new addition to the Sephora family, the Wander Beauty Secret Weapon Multitasking Pencil ($22) goes on extremely smoothly, delivering pigment with just a light touch. The nude pencil is twist-up so you never need to sharpen it and it instantly gives you a great wide-eyed look when applied to your waterline.

4. For when your face is blotchy and uneven

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 ($52) is our new holy grail item. It’s an insanely excellent multi-tasker because it hydrates, soothes, and evens skin tone. The texture of this treatment is thick and chalky ― almost like a face mask ― so a little goes a long way, meaning more bang for your buck. Don’t be alarmed by the green coloring either, because it blends beautifully into your skin, turning into a beige that self-adjusts to your skin tone. This stuff is seriously so good that it’ll leave your face with a perfect dewiness that will have you questioning whether or not you want to put makeup over it.

5. For when your lips are begging for moisture

Perfection carved in 🌫@bondenavant

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First, get some water and drink a ton of it. Now that that’s done, snag some Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities Strawberry Multipurpose Balm ($35). Celebs have sworn by Lanolips for a while and it’s no surprise why. The multipurpose lip balm mimics the molecular structure of your skin’s own oils, making it a gorgeous texture that’s super moisturizing and comfortable. The strawberry is new for the holidays and smells scrumptious.

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