Here's What's At Stake For Women This Election


Question: What's at stake for women in the 2016 presidential election?

Answer: Basically, everything.

The next president will have the power to greatly influence, if not flat-out determine, the fate of reproductive rights, gun control measures, paid family leave and the minimum wage -- to name just a few of the many issues that directly affect women's lives.

In the video above, we spell out why the female vote is so important.

If you want to ensure that women can access reliable reproductive health care no matter their financial situation and protect their legal right to an abortion, vote.

If you want to make sure moms are able to take a few months off after becoming parents without losing their jobs or struggling to stay afloat, vote.

If you want to make sure that women are able to earn living wages and are paid the same as their male counterparts, vote.

And if you want to stop so many women in this country from being murdered with guns, vote.

You have a personal stake in what happens next November. Make your voice count. Vote!

Video produced by Catherine Pearson, Emma Gray and Alex Berg. Additional research contributed by Jenavieve Hatch.

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