Here's Who Negan Killed On The Emotional 'Walking Dead' Premiere


WARNING! Spoilers ahead, duh.

If you were waiting for Glenn to deliver you a pizza, it’s gonna be longer than 30 minutes.

For everyone wondering, here’s who died in the “Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere:

R.I.P. Abraham

Abraham Ford was the first victim of Negan’s bat, which was also the rumor during the show’s break. (We see the deaths through a Rick flashback.) Despite actor Michael Cudlitz’s interviews, which seemed to indicate his character would make it, Ford “took it like a champ” as Negan reduced him to a bloody corpse, much to the horror of everyone watching.

In true Ford fashion, Cudlitz’s character got in one last “Abrahamism,” saying, “Suck my nuts,” before Negan delivered the fatal blow.

Then, after Negan taunted Rosita, Daryl got out of line, and the new villain took another victim.

What the Hell were you thinking, Daryl!?

R.I.P. Glenn

Here we go a-Glenn ... for the last time.

Season 6 was nothing but a big tease that everyone’s favorite former pizza man, Glenn, would die, and Season 7 finally delivered that upsetting promise. Following Daryl disobeying Negan’s order, the new baddie took out Glenn. This was even more disturbing to watch than Abraham. (Uh, showrunners, you know people watch this before bed, right?)

After surviving since Season 1, Maggie’s husband, one of the most likable characters on the show, is now gone. In the “Talking Dead” episode following the premiere, Andrew Lincoln mourned the loss of Glenn, saying actor Steven Yeun was like a “brother.”

The rest of the premiere mostly consisted of Negan playing mind games with Rick, throwing him into a group of walkers and nearly making him cut off Carl’s hand in order to break him. It worked because that’s super messed up.

After taking Daryl prisoner, Negan sent the survivors back to Alexandria, with the promise the Saviors would be there in a week. But forget about that for now.

In memory of the characters we lost, here are some of our most memorable Glenn and Abraham moments:

When Glenn’s all concerned about Maggie:

Ugh.They were so cute.

When Abraham expanded our vocab:

We lost one of the great poets of our generation.

When Glenn was probably late delivering a pizza:

That pizza is never coming, y’all.

When Abraham was never more sincere:

Like we said, the dude had a way with words.

When Glenn and Maggie made kissy faces:


When Abraham made us cheers:

Cheers to you, big guy.

And when Maggie and Glenn reunited:

Probs just gonna watch this forever.

Farewell, sweet princes. You’ll always be right here:

Image: Tumblr

”The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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