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Here's Why Holiday Gifting Gives You All The Feels

Here's Why Holiday Gifting Gives You All The Feels
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We all know that receiving an awesome holiday gift is pretty special, but did you know that the act of giving a present might be even more euphoric? Seriously. It’s true. We’ve got proof from a renowned PhD wielding professor! But wait. Before you set out on an Oprah-style, gift-giving extravaganza, there’s something you should know. In order to kick happiness sensors into high gear, the gift must be a meaningful one, to both the giver and the recipient. In this video, and just in time for the holidays, we partnered with eBay to uncover the neurological reason why giving makes you feel so good.

Now that you know the secret to success, it’s time to find the perfect present. Lucky for you, the holiday gift they’re waiting for is waiting on eBay.