Here's Why I Like Silvio Berlusconi

The guy really appears to have gone and done it this time: There's a legion of teenage girls and models, some who've been photographed frolicking topless at his country estate, who call him Daddy--and an operatic wife who won't stop publicly vilifying and chastising him. This is a level of foolishness that no politician can, in the media age, reasonably survive.

True, Berlusconi is one of the modern world's great flukes and mysteries. Everywhere else, even the most suspect political leaders have to make a pretense of statesman-like dignity.

Berlusconi, however, has, with immunity, long been the world's silliest, and most feckless and errant, head of state.

It's head-of-state in the most fantastic sense. He is as though the head of a fantasy state--where he avails himself of the finest virgins in the land. In terms of pure I-don't-care you'd have to reach back to Egypt's King Farouk in the 1950s.

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