Here's Why Nicole Richie Is Your New Favorite Gay Icon

Here's Why Nicole Richie Is Your New Favorite Gay Icon

Anyone who is a fan of reality TV should know that Nicole Richie -- alongside Paris Hilton -- shaped much of today's selfie-driven pop culture with her iconic series, "The Simple Life."

Almost a decade later, we still can't get enough of this star! Richie's built herself quite a queer following with her show, "Candidly Nicole," which functions as a unique hybrid of scripted and non-scripted campy humor.

"Nicole is beyond a gay icon, she just IS gay; not in the man-on-man action kind of way, but in the old school fly-your-freak flag, bleach-your-hair, snap-miss-thing kind of way!" Randy Barbato, the show's co-executive producer, told The Huffington Post. "Nicole’s comic genius taps into an outsider rebel spirit that resonates with the GAYEST of gays.”

We absolutely love this show and the icon Richie has become in the world of reality TV. Check out a promo above from a "TOTALLY GAY" episode premiering tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 2nd at 11/10 p.m. CT on VH1.

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