Here's Why The Internet Is Convinced Kylie Jenner Is Having A Baby Boy

Are we going crazy or is Kylie trying to tell us something?

Ever since news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy broke Tyga’s heart and the internet, social media sleuths have been reaching for clues, as the self-proclaimed Snapchat queen has yet to officially confirm anything.

While early reports claimed Jenner was expecting a baby girl with boyfriend Travis Scott, her social media posts have cast some doubt over the sex of the newest KarJenner. 

Save for promoting new Lip Kit shades, Jenner has stayed relatively quiet — until Monday, when she sent the internet into a frenzy on with a photo of three branded phone cases, two pink and one blue. 

 “Which one? I’m thinking blue ... ” she wrote alongside the photo.

Of course, fans have interpreted the caption as a major hint that Jenner is expecting a boy, while sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, who also have little ones on the way, are having girls.

Nothing screams Kardashian like a gender reveal using your own own products, right? 

Later in the day, Kylie and Khloe spent some time together “filming” for a new makeup project, where they showed off their matching blonde locks for various Snapchat filters. 

Jenner also posted a photo of three glazed cinnamon buns (buns in the oven, get it?), only fueling speculation that she was dropping hints about the family’s pregnancy trifecta on social media. 

Maybe she has a sweet tooth? Maybe she just needed a new iPhone case? Either way, her fans fans ran with the theory on social media.

 Can someone just confirm the pregnancy already? We’re exhausted. 




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