Here's Why This TV Producer Has Always Felt Lucky To Be Gay

"Being gay is about creativity. It's about exploration. It's about uniqueness."

Much of the LGBT community and its allies contend that being gay isn’t a choice, but rather something innate with which you’re born. That idea doesn’t sit well with television producer Richie Jackson because it carries an unfortunate implication with it, he told The Huffington Post. 

Jackson, who was an executive producer on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie,” explained that when he hears people argue that being gay isn’t a choice, it implies that nobody would ever voluntarily decide to be gay.

“The logical conclusion that you give the person that you’re talking to is that nobody would chose it,” he said.

“I’ve always felt lucky to be gay,” Jackson continued. “I will not give anybody the impression that being a gay person, living a gay life is not enviable, is not a life that you would want to choose.”

In the video above, watch Jackson explain why he would “happily choose being gay” and the beauty of living as a queer person.

This video was produced by Karah Preiss and edited by Ethan Kirby and Jenna Kline. 



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