Here's Your Sharia Paranoiac Take On Weinergate

Times being what they are, there's no pseudo-event so "pseudo" that someone cannot dream up some utterly paranoid take on the matter. And, so this week, the Communities athas delivered us up a hot plate of claptrap from Eliana Benador.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: While this article was being prepped for publication, the Communities at the Washington Times pulled the article in question. We have preserved it in PDF form and is available for download and perusal by clicking here.]

Times being what they are, there's no pseudo-event so "pseudo" that someone cannot dream up some utterly paranoid take on the matter. And, so today, the Communities at Washington Times has delivered us up a hot plate of claptrap from Eliana Benador, that is essentially the "creeping sharia" version of the Weinergate story that we've all not been waiting for, because we're not complete loons. Anyway, time for a fisking!

A licentious politician usually brings shame only to himself/herself and family. Politically, they are the news of the moment, forgotten when they slink away to the obscurity of private sector jobs or become talking heads.

Congressman Weiner's indiscretions, however, might end up inconveniencing the present Administration's plans.

"How?" you might ask.

The simple answer to that question, of course, is that Democrats had been successfully drawing contrasts between themselves and their ideological opponents by exploiting Medicare as a wedge issue, and with Weiner's ding-dong in the news, the momentum behind that effort has ground to a halt. But what Benador suggests, of course, is that the incident has forestalled an ongoing effort to impose radical Islamization upon the nation.

See, Anthony Weiner is Jewish and Huma Abedin is Muslim and they form what is essentially the first-ever interfaith marriage in American history, and so there must be something suspicious going on there, right? Benador says that the "marriage is interesting in that Abedin's family obviously approved of the match." I actually don't find this all that interesting, actually, but Benador insists that:

When looking broadly at the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin union, we have to wonder if the coupling of a Jewish American man and a Muslim woman of her pedigree was fostered by love or by a socialist political agenda.

See, I don't think we are required to wonder any such thing. But Abedin's mother is an associate professor at a college in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. And the Saudi royals apparently support this college in a vague way. And then, we jump to the quotidian matter of Abedin's matriculation at George Washington University and subsequent career in politics as an aide to Hillary Clinton, and President Bill Clinton officiating at the Weiner-Abedin nuptials, and then to complete this particular paranoid mad-lib there's mention of George Soros and Saul Alinsky, and it all makes sense, depending on how many ball peen hammers you've had dropped on your head this morning.

Which begs the question of whether Huma Abedin been groomed by family and political leaders to carry this agenda forward? It's noteworthy that Time Magazine listed Huma Abedin in its "40 under 40" list of the new generation of civic leaders and "rising stars in American politics." That certainly puts her in a position to move the Alinsky-group agenda forward.

You always suspected that when the Islamic caliphate took roots on these shores, it would enter through one of Rick Stengel's listicles, didn't you? But grab a hat, and hold on, because we are only getting started.

All of which brings us back to the prurient indiscretions of her husband and how that plays exactly with her devout Muslim family and fits in with her solid Muslim values. A clue to that is that in the Muslim world, a mosque's Imam is the great counselor.

The Imam of New York has stated: "I would tell her [Huma] to be a little bit patient. In our book, if you think your wife, or husband, is doing something unacceptable, you start by counseling her."

Counseling? For whom, Huma or Anthony? The Imam's statement seems to state that Huma is in need.

Um, yeah. See, Abedin's husband did this insanely bad thing, and it's actually pretty typical for women in these situations to seek the counsel of a trusted party. In many cases, that could come in the form of speaking to someone in one's faith community, but it's not limited to that. This, again, seems to be an utterly prosaic event.

Regardless, those are words of compromise offered by a leading Muslim Imam trying to make us forget that the Koran actually advocates stoning wives for adultery while turning a blind eye toward the sexual mis-deeds of the husband.

You know, I guess it was awfully suspicious that no one has actually stoned Huma Abedin yet. But don't ponder that too long, because you'll miss this bit of tin-foil hattery:

Given the defense articulated by the Imam, which would be offered only for a Muslim man, we must believe this opportunity to remove this Muslim woman from a union with an non-believer would be quickly taken. Therefore we must consider that Mr. Weiner *may* have converted to Islam, because if he did not, we have to consider the unlikely, that being that Ms. Abedin has abandoned her Muslim faith, even while she still practices.

However, we should also bear in mind that any who are Jewish by orthodox standards will always remain Jewish, even if they have converted to another faith. This may explain rumors that Mr. Weiner went to his synagogue looking for moral support.

Oh, I see. Either Abedin has abandoned her faith to accommodate Weiner, or Weiner has been an undercover Muslim all this time!

The question that begs to be asked, however, is, has Huma been groomed to access leading political movers and shakers to advance the cause of Islam in America, including a politically positioned marriage to Congressman Anthony Weiner?

If that is so, Anthony Weiner may be proven to be the weak link in a pro-Muslim political agenda.

Yes. Anthony Weiner, "ultra-hawkish backer of Israel," was definitely a link in a pro-Muslim political agenda. That must be it.

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