Heritage Turkeys: Eat A Delicious And Ethically Raised Turkey This Thanksgiving (PHOTOS)

According to the National Turkey Federation, 48 million turkeys were eaten at Thanksgiving in 2008.

The typical, mass produced turkey consumed by 99% of Thanksgiving celebrators is called the "Broadbreasted White", or "Large White" Turkey. Their cost averages out to be about $1 per pound. And while they're cheap, the way that these guys are raised is truly can cause concern. Bred solely to be eaten, these turkeys have lost their ability to run, fly or mate.

Luckily, small, local farms across the country are working hard to provide Americans with old fashioned heritage turkeys. Heritage turkeys resemble the domestic turkeys of 100 years ago, plus they also mate naturally, have long and productive outdoor lifespans, and grow up at slow growth rate - about 28 weeks. HuffPost Green took a look around in order to find a couple of these awesome farms. Take a look and vote for your fave.

Finally, once you buy your amazingly delicious heritage turkey, the New York Times has an awesome heritage turkey recipe.

Green Thanksgiving Turkey Alternatives