Cain Running for the Presidency of the Wrong Nation

It is so easy to speak at a complex problem from the safety of the presidential candidate's bully pulpit and heap insults on the guy that has to make the really tough decisions every day. Spewing opinion is easy. And a candidate spewing misguided opinion -- or opinion informed by the need to market oneself through sound bites that stick -- is in my judgement not worthy of the presidency.

Case in point:

Herman Cain wants to be president of the United States, a position often described as Leader of the Free World. Apparently he's had a conversation with God and God said "Herman, I want you to run for the Presidency." Anointed by God, Mr. Cain feels our president has let the Arab Spring "get out of control." Human beings across the Middle East, made of the same flesh and blood as Mr. Cain, and with the same aspirations of freedom as he, have risen up against dictators and their armed forces. It's taken a courage likely Mr. Cain has never had to call upon in his lifetime. Peoples yearning for liberty and basic human rights, not unlike generations of Americans that fought and died for this nation for over 200 years. But it appears President Cain would have helped suppress those democracy movements. He would have not 'let them get out of control." Shame on you, President Obama, for sticking up for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on behalf of people across the planet.

Mr. Cain, you're running for the presidency of the wrong nation.