Herman Cain Clarifies Abortion Stance, Stands By Planned Parenthood 'Genocide' Comments

Herman Cain Clarifies Abortion Stance, Stands By Planned Parenthood 'Genocide' Comments

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain had harsh words on abortion Sunday, after recently suggesting that abortion should be a decision left up to the individual, not the government.

Cain clarified his stance Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation," saying he is "pro-life from conception, period." He also stood by claims he made this Spring that Planned Parenthood is "planned genocide," and that the organization's mission to "help kill black babies before they came into the world."

Cain raised eyebrows among conservatives earlier this month after suggesting to CNN's Piers Morgan that abortion be left up to families. "It's not the government's role -- or anybody else's role -- to make that decision," he said. "So what I'm saying is, it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. Not me as president. Not some politician. Not a bureaucrat. It gets down to that family. And whatever they decide, they decide."

The remarks roiled conservatives and provided fodder for Democrats to paint Cain as pro-choice. Cain quickly backpedaled, tweeting the next day, "I'm 100% pro-life. End of story."

"My answer was focused on the role of the president. The president has no constitutional authority to order any such action by anyone," Cain said in a statement. "I will oppose government funding of abortion. I will veto any legislation that contains funds for Planned Parenthood."

Cain later told Fox News that abortion should not be legal, but the family can make the decision to break the law.

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