Herman Cain Supporters Release Anti-Media Ad Amidst Sexual Harassment Controversy

A group of Herman Cain supporters have released an aggressive new ad attacking the media for its coverage of the GOP frontrunner's current sexual harassment controversy.

The ad -- produced by Americans For Herman Cain, a SuperPAC affiliated with the candidate -- uses ideas and language that many prominent conservatives in the media have employed in their response to the coverage, which began on Sunday with a Politico article about the two women who complained of being sexually harassed by Cain in the 1990s. In the spot, the voice of Rush Limbaugh can be heard denouncing the media for what he says are "the ugliest racial stereotypes." Logos of prominent media outlets, including The Huffington Post, flash on the screen. Clips of prominent African American critics like Al Sharpton, Cornel West and Harry Belafonte then play, while words like "shameful" appear.

The second half of the ad makes explicit another analogy conservatives have been using by playing the famous clip of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas calling his confirmation hearing a "high-tech lynching." The phrase has been used many times in recent days by Cain defenders such as Ann Coulter.

Cain has been battling a media firestorm recently, as his ever-shifting responses to the harassment claims have gotten him into trouble.

Watch video above (via Romenesko).