Herman Cain Reacts To Haagen Dazs No Longer Making Black Walnut Ice Cream: 'I'm Heartbroken'

Herman Cain Wants His Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Back: 'I'm Heartbroken'

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain reacted to the news Thursday night that the ice cream flavor he nicknamed himself no longer exists.

After former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called the former Godfather's Pizza CEO the "flavor of the week" last month, Cain said on "The Tonight Show," "I'm Haagen Dazs Black Walnut," and that the flavor "lasts longer than a week."

"I can eat black walnut all the time -- it's not a flavor of the week! It's not that heavy. You can eat it on the cone or in a cup," he said on "Fox and Friends" earlier this month.

ABC News reports, however, that the ice cream, was, in a sense, the flavor of the week: Haagen Dazs no longer makes the flavor because it was a limited edition. ABC News then asked Cain about it:

"Well I was very disappointed to find out that it’s a limited edition and they don’t make Haagen Dazs the way they used to, so I’m heartbroken over that," said Cain. "I now have my people calling Haagen Dazs, finding out why they don’t make Haagen Dazs ice cream, when they’re going to bring it back, because it has always been my all time favorite."

Spirit Airlines has already capitalized on Cain's sudden popularity by having a "9-9-9" vacation sale, mimicking his "9-9-9" tax plan for income, corporate, and national sales tax rates. No word yet on whether Haagen Dazs will do the same.

However, Cain vowed that Haagen Dazs would make the flavor again.

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