Herman Cain Fundraising Total Clocks In At $9 Million Over Past Month

Herman Cain Draws Huge Cash Haul Over Last Month

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain's fundraising has skyrocketed over the past month and his campaign is now saying exactly how much it has raised. In a Thursday press release the campaign announced that it had raised $9 million since Oct. 1. That's more than twice as much as the campaign had raised in the previous nine months.

An excerpt from the release is below:

The Herman Cain Campaign reports receiving over $9 million of financial support from Cain backers since October 1st. Twenty-five percent of these newly received contributions have come in the last ten days.
The generosity of Mr. Cain's followers has more than doubled in the past five weeks, compared to the financial gifts received in the previous two quarters combined. According to the campaign's third quarter FEC filing, Mr. Cain's campaign received $4.7 million from May through September 30th. The campaign has received a total of $14.1 million in financial support since the start of the campaign.

"Mr. Cain's vision to renew our country and create new jobs via his bold '9-9-9 Plan' is resonating across America," said Mark Block, Chief of Staff to the Herman Cain presidential campaign. "Mr. Cain's business experience and executive leadership is needed to put America back on the track to prosperity. Voters want to be part of the Cain Train so they are donating their time, talent and treasure to make sure Mr. Cain is our next president."

The latest figures come amid an ongoing scandal over alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by Cain during his time as head of the National Restaurant Association. While the claims have sidetracked much of the discussion about Cain's campaign, they haven't dampened the flow of cash to it. Mark Block, Cain's chief of staff, said last week that the campaign had one of its best fundraising days in the wake of the initial Politico report about the allegations, bringing in around $250,000.

In late October, Block also said that the campaign had already raised more than $3 million that month, far below the $9 million figure released today.

Nick Wing contributed to this report.

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