Ginger White Alleges Sex With Herman Cain, Apologizes To Gloria Cain

'Sex Was Involved'

Ginger White, the woman alleging she had a 13-year-long extramarital affair with Herman Cain, apologized to Cain's wife and kids Thursday.

"I am deeply, deeply sorry if I have caused any hurt to her and to his kids, to his family. That was not my intention," White said in an interview with MSNBC. "I never wanted to hurt anyone and I'm deeply sorry. I am very sorry.

"I am not a cold-hearted person," White continued. "I am a mother of two kids. And of course my heart bleeds for this woman because I am a woman and being in a situation like this can not be fun."

White publicly alleged she had a longterm affair with Cain on Monday, becoming the fifth woman to accuse the Republican presidential candidate of inappropriate behavior. The accusations prompted Cain to announce he was "reassessing" his campaign and consulting with his wife.

Even as she apologized, White continued to reveal details of what she refers to as her "inappropriate" relationship with Cain, alleging that sex was involved.

"I know that travel was involved and I know that sex was involved," White said. "I would never lie about that... I think that (Cain) is just, you know, telling parts of the truth."

White -- who claims she "never asked" Cain to leave his wife -- said she would be "surprised" if Gloria Cain didn't know about the affair. The GOP candidate has stated differently, claiming his wife didn't know he and White were friends until the affair accusations were made.

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