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Herman Cain 'High-Tech' Lynching Ad: Supporters Compare Candidate's Troubles To Clarence Thomas Hearings (VIDEO)

Some of Herman Cain's supporters have released a new ad that compares the Republican frontrunner's recent controversies to those of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and refers to the sexual allegations against Cain as a "high-tech lynching."

The ad fires back at the "mainstream media," compiling soundbites of high-profile black social activists insulting Cain, and accusing liberals of mudslinging instead of confronting policy issues. The video shows a clip of Cornel West telling CNN that Cain needs to get off "the social crack pipe" and Harry Belafonte saying Cain was "denied intelligence" on "The Joy Behar Show."

The video couples Thomas' speech clip with a warning to fellow Cain supporters, saying "Don't let the LEFT do it again."

The ad was created by Americans for Herman Cain, a group of supporters unaffiliated with Cain's campaign. The spot ends with a clip of Thomas' infamous "high-tech lynching" response during his confirmation hearings in 1991. Like Cain, Thomas was buffeted by allegations that he had sexually harassed his co-workers Supreme Court justice's 1991 hearing to investigate sexual harassment accusations from former co-worker Anita Hill. Thomas denied Hill's allegations and criticized the hearings as a "circus" and a "national disgrace."

According to ABC News, a spokesman for the organization said the ad will be emailed to 25,000 Republicans in Iowa, and run on television next week in the state as well as in a series of Internet ads.

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