Herman Cain's Evolving Response To Sexual Harassment Flap

Video produced by Sam Wilkes.

I don't think anyone in the press can claim to know all the facts in the curious case of what sexually charged gesture or statement from Herman Cain ended up getting sexual harassment claims filed against him. And we can only speculate as to who dropped this particular dime on the pizza mogul-turned-presidential candidate. Conservative talk radio star Rush Limbaugh, as you might predict, blames "the left" -- but why would any of the left's dark political dark-artists damage Cain when they'd be all better off if he won the nomination? Neil Sinhababu, recognizing that lack of logic, figures that the obvious culprit is one of Cain's fellow Republican contenders -- he fingers Perry -- which would make a little more sense.

But right now, Herman Cain isn't exactly aiding his cause with his public statements on the matter. Cain's troubles began with the post-"Face The Nation" confrontation with Politico's Jonathan Martin, in which he responded to the question, "Have you ever been accused, sir, in your life of harassment by a woman?" by answering, "Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?" Since then, it's been an interesting ride of denials followed by adjustment to the denials, and insistences of having no knowledge of various details followed by admissions of prior knowledge. Cain's past 48 hours of explanations can be said to be "ever-evolving" -- though the one constant has been his persistent assertion that the charges levied against him while he served as CEO of the National Restaurant Association are false.

With the help of Sam Wilkes, we've summarized the story so far, including all of the relevant singing!

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