Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Charges: Third Ex-Employee Comes Forward About Candidate's Behavior

Herman Cain Accused Of Sexual Harassment ByFormer Employee

Herman Cain is being accused of sexual harassment by a third former employee.

The ex-staffer, a woman who worked for Cain at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, told the Associated Press that GOP candidate displayed aggressive and unsolicited behavior, including suggestive remarks and inappropriate gestures. She claimed that he even invited her back to his apartment.

Cain's campaign declined to comment to the AP.

Earlier this week, Politico reported that the GOP candidate was accused of sexual harassment by two different women. The women, both former NRA employees, reportedly received five-figure settlement packages after they filed formal workplace complaints. The third woman told the AP that she considered filing a complaint, but did not.

Separately, Chris Wilson, a former NRA staffer, told Oklahoma radio station KTOK that he witnessed Cain sexually harassing a woman at Virginia restaurant in the late 90s. Wilson said that while he could not discuss specifics of what happened, he believes if the woman were to talk about it "I think it'll be the end of his campaign."

Wilson confirmed the incident to Politico.

"It was very uncomfortable," he said.

Conservative radio host Steve Deace also told Politico that Cain said "awkward" and "inappropriate" things to his station's staff.

Cain told Forbes on Wednesday that he believed Curt Anderson, a former consultant to his 2004 Senate campaign (and current adviser to GOP rival Rick Perry), is responsible for leaking information about the sexual harassment claims to the press.

Both Anderson and Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan have denied the charge.

Sullivan suggested that the Romney camp may have been responsible for the leaks. "I wouldn't put it past them," he told CBS/the National Journal's Rebecca Kaplan.

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