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Hermes Australia Says Birkin Bag Waiting List Was A Hoax

The Hermes Birkin Bag recently got rid of its wait list, but according to author and Huffington Post blogger Michael Tonello who talked to SheFinds, there was never a waiting list to begin with.

A reporter from a U.K. magazine told Tonello that Hermes Australia said there never was a waiting list for the coveted purse.

Tonello, who traveled the world buying up Birkins and selling them on Ebay, tells us, "The only thing Hermes was ever 'waiting' for was for someone to drop a bunch of money on non-Birkin items, (like shoes, scarves and belts) and then they'd offer them a Birkin, almost like a reward. The woman suddenly feels like a VIP, and Hermes turns a very large sale by adding a $9,000 bag to it. Shameful, in my opinion."

Tonello says that he and his associates managed to get their hands on a bag after buying a bunch of things in the Hermes store. Hmmm...