Hermès Burns Imperfect Bags, Says Mulberry's Emma Hill

Hermes Burns Its Unwanted Bags, Source Says

We already know burning Hermès bags is an unpopular activity. So we're a bit stunned to learn that Hermès itself has been engaging in a bit of fashion arson, torching its own products behind the scenes.

As Fashionista noted, Mulberry's Emma Hill says Hermès disposes of any imperfect bags by burning them. Referring to the high standard of quality kept at the French company, Hill told the Telegraph:

"A friend who was working at Hermès said that if there was even the most minor imperfection on a bag they would take it out the back and burn it -- no compromise."

Be still our Birkin-loving hearts! We nearly had a heart attack seeing photographer Tyler Shields torch his girlfriend's red Hermes bag, not to mention Lady Gaga taking a Sharpie to hers. But the idea of Hermès incinerating its own leather beauties just makes us sad inside.

But the corporate policy may be par for the course, as a source also tell us that Alexander Wang may have done the same. Years ago, when tweaking the design of the trademark Rocco bag, the company decided to discontinue all versions without a shoulder strap, leaving hundreds of strapless Rocco bags sitting in the warehouse. Some were given to interns but others, sources say, were considered for burning. We wonder how many other fashion companies do the same...

If there is a Purse Heaven, we bet there are hundreds of Kellys, Birkins and Roccos resting there in peace.

See what other dishy deets Emma Hill told the Telegraph at Telegraph.co.uk.

See totally intact Hermes bags on the arms of celebs:

Kim Kardashian, March 2012

Celebrities With Hermes Bags

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