Herschel Walker Aides Wanted Son Christian To Tell Him To 'Stop Being A Moron On TV'

The advice apparently didn't work for the Georgia Senate candidate.

Campaign aides for Herschel Walker apparently attempted drastic efforts to keep the Georgia Senate candidate on message.

Staffers for the former Heisman Trophy-winning University of Georgia football star tell NBC News that he was hard to manage and coach.

Of course, that might not be a shock to people who saw Walker go viral in the wrong way. He made bizarre comments during his campaign, such as when he recalled watching the movie “Fright Night” and discovering how a “werewolf can kill a vampire.”

Walker also said to Fox News that “this erection is about the people,” and told bizarre anecdotes about bulls who get multiple cows pregnant even as reports broke that he paid for at least one former partner’s abortion despite his aggressive anti-abortion stance during the campaign.

At one point in June, aides became so concerned about Walker’s habit of posting early morning stream-of-consciousness videos on Twitter that they tried to enlist his eldest son, Christian Walker, to use whatever influence he had to get his dad on message, sources recounted to NBC.

The effort worked at minimizing the morning videos, but the campaign reached out a short time later to ask Christian Walker, “Would you be open to talking to [Walker] about some of the messaging stuff? I think he listens to you more than any of us.”

When he asked for clarification on messaging, the staffer replied, “Stop being a moron on tv. Read your playbook before opening your mouth. We’re just desperate.”

In a text to NBC News, Christian Walker said that he “told them about his children BACK IN JANUARY! Months before any story came out about it. I gave them a head start about all the information I knew.”

Herschel Walker was such a frustrating candidate to work for that by Election Day, staffers knew they were likely to lose, according to one Republican consultant who saw many of them at a restaurant the day before the runoff election.

“They looked like a pack of beat puppies. It was sad,” the consultant said, according to NBC.

Herschel Walker was defeated on Tuesday by incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, ensuring Democrats a 51-seat majority in the Senate.

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