At 53, Herschel Walker Insists He Could Still Play In The NFL

Herschel Walker rushed for 8,225 yards in his NFL career, all by the age of 35.

But the former player believes he has more yardage left in him. Yes, Walker believes he can still play in the NFL at age 53.

"There is not a doubt in my mind, if I played today, I can contribute to a team," Walker told the sports show "Boomer & Carton" on Thursday. "... Running backs today don't play every play."

Walker, who has dabbled in MMA fighting and is known for a fitness routine that still includes includes hundreds of pushups and situps a day, insisted he still had his sprinter's speed. He said he ran a 4.3 40-yard dash a year ago.

The former Dallas Cowboy's claim might be a stretch, considering that at the last NFL Scouting Combine, just one player ran faster than 4.3.

But Walker insisted he could put on the pads and make history. "I want to be the George Foreman of .. football," he said, referring to the heavyweight boxer who won a world title at age 45 before retiring at age 48.

Another George is football's age-defying champion. In 1975, George Blanda of the Oakland Raiders was the NFL's oldest player ever at age 48.



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