Herstory: State of the Union KickOff

I got the kids ready for bed early tonight.

I had my laptop ready to do a running diary of everything the President said.

Four whole seconds into the State of the Union and I am reduced to tears of joy by President George W. Bush.

Yeah, I'm surprised too.

I've followed the politics, the history, the races, the implications...but it really didn't hit me until Bush just said it:

Madame Speaker.

With my daughter by my side, tears began to flow and all of the nonsense of this past election and of the one around the corner took a backseat.

Madame Speaker.

This moment just transcended beyond catchphrases like "feminist" and "glass ceiling."

Madame Speaker.

With my daughter by my side, I just had one of those moments I will never forget for as long as I live.

I cried like a girl.

A damn proud girl.

Madame Speaker.

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