Hexacopter In Cameroon: African Country From The Sky, Like You've Never Seen It Before (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stunning Aerial Video Of Cameroon

Even if you've been fortunate enough to visit Cameroon, you've probably never seen it like this before.

William Thielicke, a Ph.D. student in biomimetics, built an MM6 Hexacopter (yes, that has six rotors) and attached a video camera to it, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Fly down Cameroon's coast and up its rivers, above small villages, roads and farms and through bridges and forests.

The video is about seven months old, but thanks to a recent third-place finish at the Vilsflimmern film festival in Germany, and posts on Gizmodo, Buzzfeed and The Awesomer, it's making the rounds on the Web.

And in case you're interested in doing this yourself, Thielicke has instructions on his website about how to build your very own MM6 Hexacopter.

WATCH: A nice place to fly: Hexacopter in Cameroon

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