The Kid Who Voiced Arnold On 'Hey Arnold!' Is Now A Hot Bearded Man

Something feels right about this.

Remember Arnold from the '90s Nickelodeon cartoon "Hey Arnold!" -- the city kid with a weirdly oblong head who lived with his quirky grandparents in a boarding house? 

Arnold was voiced by a kid named Lane Toran (also known as Toran Caudell), who also played smaller characters on other shows like "Recess" and "7th Heaven." He's now 33, still pursuing acting along with music, and he looks like this:

A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

A photo posted by Lane Toran (@lane_toran) on

His head isn't even shaped like a football! Here's another angle, captured by photographer Gilbert Pereda:

There's no word on whether he will appear in the upcoming "Hey Arnold!" made-for-TV movie Nickelodeon is planning. But Lane Toran is keeping busy. In addition to acting, recording music and modeling, he's apparently a capable handyman, having remodeled a living room, master bedroom and bathroom in his own flawless image. 

Just hope he doesn't shave the beard.

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