Hey, Donald Trump, The Internet Wants To Know Who General E. Watch Is

"General E. Watch, presumably a brave and punctual hero, is probably getting recognized more and more."

President Donald Trump’s tweets often have us scratching our heads. His Monday morning missives were no different — and people had a lot of questions.

Just after 8 a.m., Trump sent out the following:

His ranting and raving about “fake news” and polls isn’t new, but that last part ― a mention of one “General E. Watch” ― is.

Trump has his own sort of lingo, as we’ve seen with phrases “Easy D!” ― which was loosely translated to “easy decision.” But this one is less decipherable. General E. Watch is not a real person (who should not be confused with the very real General E. Lee) nor does it make sense if Trump had meant it as “generally watch.” The syntax is still a hot mess. Maybe “General E” refers to a general election, and the president is telling us to watch out?

We’re not alone in our confusion. Twitter was perplexed too.

And, naturally, jokes were made. 


One man simply asked Trump what we were all already thinking:

The tweet mentioning General E. Watch has been up for over an hour and has yet to be addressed. Though Trump did send out a second tweet right after that appears to be unfinished:

He must be busy... being the president.

If you or anyone you know has any hot tips on who General E. Watch is, please let us know. The mysterious figure already has a Twitter account.



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