'Hey, Fattie' App Uses Hot Anime Men To Shame Women Into Losing Weight

'Hey, Fattie' App Uses Hot Anime Men To Shame Women Into Losing Weight

Ever wanted to lose 10 pounds and thought: "Hey, this would be soooo much easier if a hot bro was insulting me every time I did something unhealthy"? Well luckily, a new Japanese app will provide this super-helpful service right on your mobile device!

hey fattie app

The app, which will be released this month, is based on of a weight loss app for men called Nenshou! In the original version, pretty anime ladies support users as they try to lose weight, offering words of encouragement and compliments.

But Nenshou! For Girls takes a different approach. According to Cara Clegg at RocketNews24, the female version of the app, which focuses on ab workouts and arm toning, opts for insults over compliments:

In “Nenshou! For Girls” three gorgeous guys will give you the old carrot-and-stick treatment to encourage you on your weight loss journey. While you exercise, you can also enjoy a burgeoning relationship with one of the cast of ikemen (hot guys) who has been so romantically insulting you.

Because nothing makes you want to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen more than being berated by a cartoon man you're "dating," right? The whole premise of the app is suspect considering that research has shown that fat-shaming is a totally ineffective weight loss "tool" and can actually make people gain weight. "I don't know, the world is so wack," wrote Jezebel's Laura Beck in reaction to Nenshou! For Girls. We concur.

[H/T Jezebel]

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