Hey <i>GQ</i> I Guess Stereotypes Die Hard, Wicked Hard

HeyI Guess Stereotypes Die Hard, Wicked Hard
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An Open Letter to GQ

Dear GQ,

Thank you for awarding Boston the distinction of worst dressed US city as part of your comedy issue this month. We here in the city of the Bean know how to take a joke and enjoyed GQ's good natured critique of some of our least proud fashion attributes. I thought I would take this opportunity to tell all those at GQ who have not visited our fair city in a while or those who have but were too drunk to find their way out of Fenway park a little more about Boston in 2011.

Although Boston is not the most fashionable city I travel frequently and I feel we deserved some additional recognition from GQ: most improved (tied with Wasilla) I spend roughly 30% of my time in our NY office and another 15 % of my time in LA (second worst dressed I know...) and have been pleasantly surprised how well Boston has stacked up as of late.

As you may not know Boston's economy is strong relative to most of the nation with double the growth and 1/3 less unemployment. New buildings have been breaking ground, innovative startups are getting funded, and new restaurants opening. Boston is one of the culinary hot spots in North America, so I am assuming that GQ in putting together your worst dressed list must have noted the strange juxtaposition of all us Bostonians in our sweat pants and patriots jerseys at some of the best restaurants in the US.

Boston is also a cultural hub with a brand new modern art museum (ICA) designed by (Diller + Scofidio) and 2 significant additions one to the Museum of Fine Art (Norman Foster) & the Gardner Museum (Renzo Piano). As GQ knows we love to wander about these brand new centers of creativity in Ed Hardy shirts, rhinestone belts, yellow blazers, and what you call "meth" inspired fashion.

Another few points of reference for your tutorial on the new Boston did you know almost all of the international high fashion brands that have stores in NY or Paris have them in Boston and all the major higher end American department stores as well? Louis, Boston is considered one of the finest boutique department stores in the world and Bobby's of Boston is often called the best vintage store in America unfortunately all of them are merely shrines to what could be as no one shops at any of them. Newbury Street Boston's main shopping thoroughfare is one of the best shopping streets in the US hands down, despite being perpetually empty. Converse and Rue LaLa have their world headquarters in Boston as does my website Karmaloop.com. It is amazing how well we all do as fashion businesses based in Boston with a staff so woefully unable to dress.

I also wanted thank you for bravely pointing out our penchant for inbreeding (causing as you call it and I quote GQ... Boston's "Style down- syndrome") a neat trick we take pride in given that close to 50% of the City is comprised of people who have moved to Boston in the last 10 years or less. Another fun fact although Boston poster boy Ben Affleck left our city close to two decades ago his portrayals of Boston as an ignorant back water are spot on.

I hope a few of these items have been enlightening and in the interest of further education I would be happy to have the GQ staff visit me anytime to show them around our young, diverse, creative, booming metropolis, and of course show them the best places to get polyester khakis, boot cut jeans, and Celtics jerseys.

I only have one other suggestion NYC should not have been 5th worst dressed city on the GQ list...I think second worst dressed makes more sense. I was at Citi Field recently ....need I say more?



Greg Selkoe, CEO

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