Hey Milo, You Can Shove Your Hollow Apology

With the weight of his wallet in jeopardy, the self proclaimed “most fabulous super-villain on the internet” briefly apologized, then resorted to blaming everyone else.

Interested in seeing what irony looks like in real form? Then look no further than Milo Yiannopoulos’ press conference yesterday. With his cheap flamboyance tucked firmly between his legs, the disgraced provocateur, who has made a career out of being a smarmy unapologetic, unfiltered, irrational voice of the alt right, apologized for making unfiltered, unapologetic, irrational and outright disgusting comments lending support to pederasty.

Now one may wonder why all of a sudden Milo Yiannopoulos sought to apologize for a comment he made last year. Did he finally have an epiphany and realize this was a bridge too far? Or was it because this comment came back to hit him where it really hurts, in his wallet. With his $250k book deal cancelled, his invitation to speak at CPAC rescinded, and his position at Breitbart now vacant, the toxic tongued tyrant who has flown the flag for free speech whilst spewing hate for the past year, finally backpedalled, all because his hate was no longer sponsored.

So with this, the so called free speech martyr apologized, then complained, making himself the victim of poor editing and free speech suppressors- yeah because Breitbart never edits anything to fuel a false narrative, right? Oh wait, remember the Shirley Sherrod case in 2010, when a falsified Breitbart story cost Sherrod her job at the USDA? But anyway, this 15 minute charade could simply be transcribed as “I am being censored by no one offering me lucrative book and speaking deals, and it needs to stop.”

Well Milo, I’m sorry mate but I frankly reject your hollow apology. Because you are not sorry. These comments were sickening, but not exactly out of left field. It is not out of character, in fact it is firmly within your character. You are not sorry, just as you are not sorry for condoning rape in universities. Just as you are not sorry for torturing a transgender student in front of thousands at a college campus. Just as you are not sorry for fueling a hate filled narrative toward the transgender community by labelling it as a mental illness, compounded by outlandish and simply absurd fact-free assertions about trans people as frequent perpetrators of sexual assault. Just as you are not sorry for displaying public hatred of Islam whenever possible. Just as you are not sorry for your cowardly, race filled attacks on the Black community. And finally, just as you are not sorry for the comments made on Joe Rogan’s podcast that condone sexual assault against minors and downplay the severity of this issue, whilst refusing to reveal the identities of pedophiles that you testified to knowing. Instead, you are only sorry because there are now $250k reasons for you to appear sorry to future buyers.

Milo last week on Realtime. I guess the Scottish saying really is true, from champagne to shite by the end of the night.
Milo last week on Realtime. I guess the Scottish saying really is true, from champagne to shite by the end of the night.

So no I don’t buy it, and I don’t buy the outrage from those on the right who all of a sudden are now offended by this imbecile. Yes, it’s all good that the CPAC rescinded its invitation and many on the right have notably scrutinized his latest absurdities, but that does not cloud nor allow us to discard the reality that they have provided a home with a built-in megaphone for this tool to live in for the past year. Not to mention, could it not be said that by those on the right condemning Milo’s comments that he made on the grounds of free speech, does that not make them one of the intolerable snowflakes they paint everyone on the left as? Well ain’t that something.

For the past year, right wingers in this country have rolled out the red carpet for this peroxide prince of darkness to piggyback on his hatred. They have glorified his fallacious arguments dressed up in cosmopolitan flair because he reinforced every negative stereotype about marginalized communities imaginable whilst portraying the right as a new hip, cool movement that people should want to be a part of. All while condemning those who spoke out against his filth as intolerant lefties who could not handle a difference of opinion. When in reality, leftists were just well aware of his purpose, to be a glorified troll, while the right just took a while to catch up.

Milo was welcomed with open arms several times on Fox News.
Milo was welcomed with open arms several times on Fox News.

While many on the right will now say Milo’s recent comments were a bridge too far, we must hold them accountable for swimming in this mans filth for months, giving him the confidence to think that saying anything with the backing of his right wing comrades and the fact that he himself can be defined by labels would protect him.

But what about those affected by his words? Those words that can add to the already despicable mistreatment of those in the Transgender community who are disproportionately more likely to attempt suicide. Those words that can play on the minds of current victims of sexual assault and possibly have them question the legitimacy of their assault or whether their decisions are actually the ones at fault. Free speech does not mean free from scrutiny.

So no, you can shove your apology. We always knew you were vile. Follow me on Instagram @francismmaxwell and continue to resist.