"Hey, Steve -- What's Up With Being Down on LA?": A Valley Girl's Perspective

Who: Julie Buckner

Current Gig: Owner at InYoga Center

Neighborhood: Valley Village

If LA were a yoga position, what might she be?
Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulder Stand)... We don't have phones or mirrors in Valley yoga studios. We're not shy about using "real" props, like bolsters, blankets and straps. We're working on standing on our own two feet -- okay, shoulders. Thank you for coining the phrase, Happy Boyfriend Pose... We use it over the hill here, too. So does everyone, even in Santa Cruz.

LA's best spiritual centers or little known yoga recommendations?
The 101 Freeway @ the 405 -- we can practice radical acceptance and non-attachment every day here.

If not at InYoga Center, where might someone find you?
At home in my kitchen, at my kids' school, Trader Joe's and the manicure salon -- where I repeat my mantra, weekly.

What are some of your favorite dishes at LA restaurants?
Real food, with real ingredients, served by real people.

Where would you take an out-of-town friend?
Steve, dude, why wouldn't you take all of your friends to one place, whether you like them or not? What's up with the duality thing? I take everyone to the same place -- Menchies! -- whether they're a guru from India or a cousin from Indiana.

Do you have a meal that reminds you of Los Angeles?
Starbucks drive-thru.

How do you choose the music to play in your yoga classes?
Music should be as diverse, eclectic and inclusive as LA.

Do you have a song that reminds you of LA?
"Los Angeles" by X (circa 1980)

Favorite LA movie?
I have to give you this one here, my friend. True Blood is so LA. It's so LA for me because, if I watch mindfully, I recognize familiar locations, even tho we're supposed to pretend we're in LA -- Louisiana, that is. Oh, and my brother is a writer/producer for the show. So that counts as LA too.

Why do you love Los Angeles?
Gotta hand it to ya again, Steve. The weather is nice. I love LA because it's just so, so LA. We've got it all going on here.

Why do you hate Los Angeles?
Steve, you practically invented yoga in this town (with due credit to some other LA luminaries -- respect!). You helped put LA on the yoga mat -- I mean, map. Take a look in the mirror, where's the love?

Why LA?
Because the shit's real -- and it stinks!