Hey, Trump Trollers: Citing Just One HRC Accomplishment Is Impossible

COMMERCE, CA - MAY 24:  Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on during a campaig
COMMERCE, CA - MAY 24: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on during a campaign event on May 24, 2016 in Commerce, California. Hillary Clinton is campaigning in California ahaed of the State's presidential primary on June 7th. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The other night I was on television discussing Hillary's assertion that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President and his remarks about her wanting Bill in the White House so 'she can keep an eye on him.'

With seconds left in the segment, the interviewer asked me to name one of Hillary Clinton's accomplishments. Much like Lay Potato Chips' tagline, "you can't eat just one," it's hard to name just one of Secretary Clinton's accomplishments.

The first that came to my mind was how, through her efforts to create and implement the toughest sanctions ever placed on Iran, she laid the groundwork for our current Nuclear Deal with the country. But I knew that wouldn't appease conservatives. That's because they believe it's a bad deal and that Iran wakes up each morning trying to build a nuke to destroy Israel right after their morning coffee.

Then I thought I could mention how, as Secretary of State, Clinton negotiated a cease fire between Israel and Hamas. But anytime you say "Hillary Clinton" and "foreign policy" in the same sentence, the only word a Trump supporter hears is: "Benghazi."

So I chose to cite her work with women and children's rights as one of her many accomplishments.

As soon as the segment ended, the "anyone but Hillary" Trump Trollers took to Twitter claiming I couldn't list one of Secretary Clinton's accomplishments. And they were right. Through their disdain for Hillary, and for liberals like myself, they completely ignored the fact that with that very statement I wasn't naming one accomplishment of hers, but many. For in citing her work on behalf of women and children, I was speaking of the numerous accomplishments under that one general umbrella.

For over 40 years Secretary Clinton has been working to protect and expand the rights of both women and children. Out of law school, she took a job at the Children's Defense Fund where she worked to keep minors out of adult prisons in South Carolina. Also, Clinton worked with the families of disabled children in my home state of Massachusetts. Additionally, she helped provide healthcare to millions of children throughout this nation.

Most people, especially the 'anyone but Hillary' folks, will remember that as First Lady, she fought to pass health care reform and lost. But what you don't hear is that she did not give up. She helped create the Children's Insurance Program (CHIP). She worked with Congressional members on both sides of the aisle to get this done. CHIP cut the number of America's uninsured children by half and provides health care to more than 8 million children in this nation. Another time Hillary brought both Democrats and Republicans together was when she worked to expand access to health care for reservists and members of the National Guard.

And who can forget her China speech on women? Speaking at a U.N. Conference in Beijing, her statement that "women's rights are human rights" was extremely controversial at the time.

In addition to all of those accomplishments in regard to her work on behalf of women and children, we can also look at Mrs. Clinton's role as a Senator representing the great state of New York. Months after she was elected, she made sure first responders got the care they needed, as many of them suffered long lasting health effects from their time at Ground Zero.

To those who feel she did nothing as Secretary of State, you have a very short memory. She played a large role in our decision and success in killing Osama bin Laden. During her time at the State Department, she made LGBT rights a focus of US foreign policy, declaring "gay rights are human rights." She also worked aggressively on the issue of Climate Change. Just ask those in Copenhagen.

So, with more than a few seconds and without interruption, there you have it Trump Trollers, my complete answer to that question. But now I have one for you. Can you name one of Trump's great accomplishments? I mean, other than lining his own pockets? I'm waiting.....

Ah, yes, just as I thought. Crickets...