'Hezbollah-Land': Terrorist Theme Park Opens In Lebanon (VIDEO)

"Hezbollah-Land," located in the small mountain town of Mleeta in Lebanon, is an up and coming museum-style theme park that offers a glimpse into the decades-long struggle between the Shiite Muslim group, Hezbollah, and Israel.

The "Terrorist Disneyland" has a number of attractions, including what they call "the Abyss," in which there are stockpiles of decommissioned Israeli military equipment.

According to the park's guide, "We're going to build motels, playgrounds, camping areas, even spas or swimming pools so that all of the visitors -- especially our people -- can come here and spend their weekends or vacations."

The town where it is located, Mleeta, is also home to one of the terrorist strongholds that used to conduct operations against Israeli bases.

The theme park and museum is an ongoing effort by Hezbollah to keep its constituents happy. A part of the program, "Construction Jihad," which builds hospitals and homes, the theme park is meant to be an addition to the country's fledgling economy and is advertised as a vacation destination for those who cannot afford the more expensive luxury resorts in Lebanon.

WATCH: (via Wired)