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HGTV's Suggestion To Turn An American Flag Into A Tablecloth Receives Backlash

Yikes, HGTV, this was a fail.

We love HGTV so much that we almost didn't want to mention this misstep, especially on Flag Day... but the network was slammed earlier this week when they suggested turning an American flag into a tablecloth for an online segment called “Classic Fourth of July Table Setting Ideas.” After hundreds of angry viewers responded by calling this an act of anti-patriotism and disrespectful to the military, the entertaining idea was removed from the site.

HGTV took to their Facebook page to post the following apology on Wednesday:

Although the idea of draping this symbol on a picnic table is technically against the U.S. flag code, No More Mister Nice Blog brings up the argument that lots of stars and stripes merchandise from our favorite retailers like Pottery Barn are meant to salute, not insult our country.

We see nothing wrong with celebrating Flag Day with some red, white and blue. Just please, please don't use an actual flag. Why not try one of these easy patriotic crafts instead?

Patriotic Crafts

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