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13 Fun And Easy Ways To Give Back To Your Community

Playing With Dogs At The Shelter And 12 Other Super Fun Ways To Give Back

Giving back to the community always seems like a later thing, rather than a now thing. You don't have the money this month, and you don't have the time this weekend, and you couldn't make that big of a difference on your own, right?

Not so fast. Making a positive impact in your community can be easy, and even fun, when you expand your ideas about how you can help. You don't need a heap of money, a crew of fellow volunteers or boatloads of time to make a difference. Simply by using the skills you already have, and sharing them with others, you can come up with all sorts of creative ways to help someone in your community have a better day.

We partnered with HGTV's "Cousins Undercover" to put together this list of fun and easy ways to make a difference in your community:

Make New Friends At The Shelter

Fun Ways To Give Back To Your Community

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