Hi Katharine, Sangram Here...

Hi Katharine, Sangram Here...
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Last week I had time scheduled with Sangram Vajre co-founder and CMO of Terminus, for numerous reasons, the most important being that we are kindred spirits born from the marketing universe and we just wanted to catch up. But what I didn't know was that his book, Account Based Marketing For Dummies had just been delivered and that I would enter Terminus' office at the exact moment that Lauren Patrick opened the first box.

You see, over the past few years I've had the opportunity to watch Sangram and his team, develop the #FlipMyFunnel movement and it has been awesome to watch the Terminus team grow. To say I get multiple emails daily/weekly/monthly from various content marketers or lead generators is an understatement, but I can honestly say that every time I see the words, "Hi Katharine, Sangram Here." I smile and then read the entire email. If you are a B2B marketing and sales leader you know you hear his voice every time you read his emails, simply because his personality is that magnetic. Come on admit it!

So, getting to be in the Terminus office during this time was a special treat. Naturally, there was a flutter of excitement and anticipation throughout the entire office as they begin to hand out books to co-workers. Instantly I realized that our meeting cumulated in my opportunity to witness a pivotal moment in a brand, not to mention countless hours of hard work that had paid off, for an entire team. Truthfully, I felt as if I was intruding on this private company moment, but they never made me feel like an outsider and didn't skip a beat, I was an instant "Terminator". I was able to witness a rare moment between co-workers, while they snapped photos and flipped through the pages. What struck me the most was the synergy and collaboration of this team, as there was no hierarchy, zero egos, because this was a brand they had built together and a moment they could share. There were no leaders under the 'traditional' title here, you see they share communal office space and celebrate victories together, the way most great companies should be built. This startup has grown and become successful because of their culture and core values.

You see, my friend Sangram is what I consider a true leader. Yes, he takes the spotlight and is typically the one quoted on behalf of the company, as most CMO's are today. But he truly gives credit where credit is due and I was able to witness this firsthand on this fateful day. As many of his colleagues, who were as thrilled with the book as he was, asked for autographs, he obliged. But the second he completed his first signature on the first book pulled from the box, he handed it to Lauren Patrick to sign as well. As she had the painstaking task of typing the book, (a.k.a. Special Help on the Acknowledgements Page). And he continued to do this book after book, not because he had to but because he wanted her to share in the moment she helped create. And while she wasn't in the office that day, everyone knows he would have done the same with Nikki Nixon, who was recently promoted to Director of #flipmyfunnel and who is featured in Chapter 5 on creating personas for brands.

As an older 'pioneer' of Women in Technology, I can assure you I had never witnessed a moment like this for a young woman whom may have never been able to share the glory, or the well-deserved credit from her 'boss', but this was different. In my opinion, this moment wasn't merely a moment for Terminus but a shift in the right direction for all Women In Technology. So I guess you can say, not only am I a fan, I will forever be an honorary 'Terminator'.

And for those of you that want to learn how to be a great leader, please take a moment to meet my friend Sangram, here.

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