Hickenlooper Signs Elections Overhaul Bill Into Law

Elections Overhaul Bill Signed

A sweeping overhaul of Colorado elections was signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper Friday.

The Colorado Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act will allow same-day voter registration, and every registered voter to receive a mail-in ballot though they can still vote in person.

“This is a new system designed around Colorado voters. Every registered voter is treated equally statewide and will receive a ballot – no more confusing inactive status if you don’t vote in one election. It’s much simpler from the voters’ perspective,” Donetta Davidson, executive director of the Colorado County Clerks Association said in a statement.

The bill was debated in the state Senate last week for over four hours with Republicans making the argument that it would open up the system to rampant voter fraud, though it finally passed on a party-line vote.

“You’re already winning the elections,” Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, said. “Do you need to steal them too?”

The bill also expands voter access so that voters do not have to go to a designated precinct polling place but may vote in person at any of the voting centers established by the bill.

“Anytime you expand access and services, it is good for democracy. Same day registration has demonstrated in nine other states and the District of Columbia to increase participation in elections without compromising security,” said Elena Nunez, executive director of Colorado Common Cause.

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