15 Surprising City Gems That Prove You Should Always Ditch The Beaten Path

(Photo Credit: Sam Ciurdar/Snapwire)

Some well-known tourist attractions are totally worth visiting, but often the building, street, garden or gallery that captures a city best is hidden far, FAR from the beaten path.

To find these spots, we asked Snapwire's community of photographers for hidden gems in their cities around the world. They include a frozen waterfall in Minneapolis, a swimming pool in Sydney, and all sorts of stellar finds that inspire us to ditch our guidebooks and let wanderlust take the lead. Take a look:

Griffith Observatory. Los Angeles, United States. Photo by Brandon Reinhardt/Snapwire.
Palais-Royal. Paris, France. Photo by Anne-Sophie Tchicot/Snapwire.
Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. Blanes, Spain. Photo by Cindy Van Den Heuvel/ Snapwire.
Metropolitan Cathedral. Liverpool, England. Photo by Laura Orlando/Snapwire.
Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club's pool. Bondi Beach, Australia. Photo by Benjamin Lee/Snapwire.
Mission San Xavier del Bac. Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Al Mansker/Snapwire.
The Bow. Alberta, Canada. Photo by Luke Schoepf/Snapwire.
Vance Creek Viaduct. Shelton, Washington. Photo by Ethan Scoma/Snapwire.
Jasper National Park. Alberta, Canada. Photo by Sam Ciurdar/Snapwire.
Behind the Minnehaha Falls. Minneapolis, United States. Photo by Marin Stefani/Snapwire.
Loch Ard Gorge. Victoria, Australia. Photo by Benjamin Lee/Snapwire.
The Hoftoren. The Hague, Netherlands. Photo by Sebastian Nowakowski/Snapwire.
High Level Bridge. Edmonton, Canada. Photo by Lukas North/Snapwire.
Atwater Beach. Milwaukee, United States. Photo by Trevor Todd/Snapwire.
Entrance to "Sky Pesher" by James Turrell. Minneapolis, United States. Photo by Dana Grethen/Snapwire.
Californias Hidden Gems