8 Hidden Wine Cellars That Are Really Too Cool Not To Be Seen (PHOTOS)

What's behind it will make you want to party.

We go through wine too fast to make a wine rack necessary... let alone a whole wine cellar. Considering that our most expensive "investment" is maybe a $40 bottle of champagne kept for special occasions, we really don't have a reason to own one, either. But for other, more mature, savvy and deep-pocketed homeowners, this feature can be something amazing. We're not just talking about a corner of a basement devoted to a handful of bottles. We're talking about incredible hidden wine cellars that can be accessed by a turn of a bookshelf, or opening of a door. The only downside? Everyone will always want to come over.

We can hear music coming from this space.
Because having a regular library isn't cool enough.
We're not sure how we'd make the stairs after a few glasses.
A wine cellar underneath the kitchen floor? Yes, please.
The wine is located just past this cave.
Why would anyone want to hide something this beautiful?
The waterfall blocks the door -- what kind of cruel joke is this?
The opening to this underground cellar is small, but we'd make ourselves fit.

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