Hidden Cash Expands To New York, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas And Mexico City

#HiddenCash Reveals Its Next Cities

If you don't like crowds or crazed conditions as people go nuts hunting for hidden cash, stay clear of New York, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and Mexico City this weekend as Hidden Cash expands to five new cities.

Other tweets clarified that the cash will be hidden around Manhattan and Brooklyn on Saturday and Chicago on Sunday. It's not yet clear when this weekend the other cities will get in on the act.

Jason Buzi, a Palo Alto, Calif., real estate investor, was outed over the weekend as the man behind the plan. And on Monday, he confirmed to CNN's Anderson Cooper that it's him -- and said that in addition to the new cities announced on Twitter, he plans to stash some cash in Paris, London and Madrid by the first week of July.

Watch out, Europe.

Hidden Cash started last month in San Francisco as Buzi hid money around the city and tweeted clues about the locations under the handle HiddenCash. Then, he expanded to Southern California.

In one case, he hid the money inside "Angry Birds" toys.

He asked people to reply on Twitter when they found the money, setting off a fun scavenger hunt in some cases, and a feeding frenzy in others.

Last week, Buzi or someone writing on his behalf told The Huffington Post that he learned his lesson from a chaotic scene in Burbank.

"In hindsight, that was not a wise location as there are cars going in and out, traffic, etc. But I didn't realize how big we were until then," he wrote. "Since then, I've tried to keep the events in open spaces like parks or the beach to minimize the potential for any problems."

Did you hear that, New York, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and Mexico City? That may be your first hint.

Despite the chaos the cash caches have caused and the equal frenzy of the media coverage of Hidden Cash, Buzi insisted that this isn't about getting attention for himself or anything else.

Buzi also told Cooper he's given away nearly $15,000 so far.

"We're planning to give away a lot more," he said.

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