Hide-And-Seek From A Toddler's Point Of View (WATCH)

Some parents are content to imagine what goes on inside their toddlers' heads, but English filmmaker Daniel Brace wanted to see the world through his daughter's eyes. Thanks to a handy head cam, he made it happen.

Brace strapped the gadget onto 2-year-old Olivia, and then spent a few minutes playing hide-and-seek. The results -- a very cute 3-minute clip he posted on YouTube -- have already gone viral, with over 400, 000 views.

"My darling 2 year old wearing my head cam, and playing hide and seek," is Brace's description on the YouTube page.

Watch the video above to see Olivia's point of view as she furiously runs throughout her house trying to find daddy, proving that the world certainly does look different when you're only a couple feet tall.

Other tech-savvy parents have experimented with headcams too. Recently, a 31-year-old mother in Sunnyside, Queens, strapped her iPod touch to her 5-year-old, set her kid free on the Thomas P. Noonan Playground and then posted the video online. The results are equally cute -- and fascinating.