HiDine Dating Site Claims 'Chivalry Is Alive' -- But So Is Sexism

A dating site for food lovers sounds like a pretty awesome idea, but HiDine has got it all wrong.

The site, which launched in November, promises women they'll be taken out to their favorite restaurants by benevolent, presumably wealthy men who will pick up the bill. The tagline? "Chivalry is alive."

Specifying that the men will pay and suggesting that all the ladies have to do is show up and look pretty makes this site sound a little more like a sugar daddy service (dressed up as chivalry, of course) than a dating website. HiDine explains the reason for this gender imbalance as follows:

At HiDine, we believe in old-fashioned chivalry. Men pay for first dates. You spend enough time and money on clothes, shoes, hair styling, and beauty products. Before you even sit down at the table with a guy, you have made an investment in the date in order to look your best. Any guy should appreciate that. And the last thing you should worry about is who is going to pick up the bill.

Yes, women do spend more money on grooming than men. But this entire setup seems antiquated and transactional, especially when you factor in that the HiDine process involves men putting down a financial deposit to "show commitment" before the date even happens. It begs the question, what else might male HiDine users feel like they are paying for?

We'd like to suggest a dating site for foodies that isn't based on who picks up the cheque. Dates based first and foremost on financial transactions just aren't all that sexy.