Hieu Tran's 'Squared' Trailer Explores Top And Bottom Dynamics In Gay Relationships

A new trailer for Hieu Tran's film "Squared" is sparking an interesting debate about sexual dynamics in gay male relationships.

In the trailer, two men both identify as tops (which, in this case appears to mean the insertive partner during anal sex) and neither one of them wants to bottom (aka be the receptive partner).

In a note posted on the Squared Facebook page, Tran writes that the film was inspired by the "racist experiences" he has been through:

From my dating experiences, I was bothered when guys called me their “Geisha” and other derogatory terms. I also often hear people ask gay couples, "Who's the woman in the relationship?” and point to the Asian guy. Society often objectifies Asians, especially gay Asians, and view them as submissive, feminine, and passive.

Say what you will about "Squared," the film does bring up some interesting questions about gay men and sex including can two "total tops" or two "total bottoms" be in a fulfilling monogamous relationship? Are "total top" and "total bottom" purely socially constructed roles? Is there too much attention given to anal sex?

Check out the trailer above and then let us know your thoughts in the polls and comment section below.