'High As Shit Kids' Receipt: Server From Chichos Pizza In Virginia Beach Uses Choice Words On Bill

Restaurant Calls Guests 'High As Sh*t Kids' On Receipt

In the latest instance of restaurant receipt debacles, "Mike," a server from Virginia Beach restaurant Chichos Pizza, decided to label his customers "High As Shit Kids" on their bill. Mike may have thought he was getting the last laugh, but at least one of his customers is a Reddit user, and he uploaded the evidence to the site.

The customer doesn't actually dispute the claim though, and the Reddit commenters are largely amused. Granted, this all took place on Reddit's "trees" category, in which the topics of other recent lively discussions include "taking a shower high" and "why I prefer weed to everything else."

While this may shock some individuals, we've seen such ridiculously inappropriate receipts recently (see examples here, here and here) that we are merely nonplussed by this instance. Though sticking to table numbers or first names is probably a safer call.

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